On PcMac.fi you can get relevant information on other websites through links. These websites are outside PcMac.fi´s control and therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the content of these pages. Information on products that are purchased from such sites, except for specifically mentioned product descriptions and general licensing and warranty rules for software manufacturers’ websites, is not included in the description of the products ordered in the contract between the buyer and PcMac.fi.

Therefore, PcMac.fi assumes no liability for direct or indirect losses due to the ordered products being delayed on their way to the buyer, or as a result of the ordered products suffering from deficiencies when delays or defects are caused by the purchaser’s action, omissions or circumstances beyond PcMac.fi´s control, e.g. war, riots, unrest, fire, state interference, seizure submission, currency restrictions, labour disputes of any kind, including strike, lockout or similar.

PcMac.fi grants no independent warranty for software products apart from the installation and product activation warranty. This means that the buyer is covered by the guarantees that the manufacturer of software products has issued in general and specifically issues to the buyer in connection with the registration, product activation and validation of the product. The buyer is also subject to the current licensing rules issued by the software manufacturers.