1. Generally
This Privacy Policy applies to the collection and use of personal data at PcMac.fi (“the Site”) and includes i.e. information about which personal data has been collected, what it is used for and about your rights. Pipeline Management – PC MAC Servicecenter Hellerup, Organisation No. DK-25169697 (“PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup” or “we”) are responsible for this processing and you can contact us if you have questions. You can contact the Data Protection Officer at PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup via our contact form.

It is very important for PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup to protect your privacy, and we only collect and use your personal data within the frames of Finnish data protection legislation and the EU´s General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR), which is included in Finnish legislation. When we use terms like “personal data”, “processing”, “data manager” and “data operator” – we refer to the meaning stated in the data protection legislation.

2. What information, for what purpose and for what reason?
Information about your purchase: When you purchase software products from our website www.pcmac.fi, we process the personal data provided by you in connection with your order, i.e. name, address, e-mail address and telephone number and payment information. We collect and process this data in order to deliver the ordered software products to you, handle returned products and administer your account on our website (if you have chosen to create an account). In addition, we use your personal data to provide support after your purchase should you request this, and to process your assessment of our customer service.

The data processing is carried out partly because it is necessary in order to fulfill our agreement with you and partly because it is necessary to fulfill our legitimate interest in communicating effectively with you and to provide the high-level service we want to deliver to our customers.

Although this processing is not based on your consent, you can always contact us via the contact information at the bottom of our privacy policy if you have any questions, and you may always request that we cancel the processing of your personal data.

Site traffic and analysis, cookies: We collect and analyse information regarding usage, traffic and activity on the website www.pcmac.fi. This includes your IP address, browser type (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.), operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.), interaction with advertising (e.g., clicks or posts), and visited pages. We us cookies for this. A cookie is a text file saved in your browser when you visit or manoeuvre around the site. Cookies are used to give you a better user experience on the site and they can also be used to provide you with personalised recommendations about products and services.

You can read more about how we use cookies, how to revoke your consent, and how to change the browser settings in our cookies policy. You can choose not to have cookies added to your browser. Most browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to automatically accept cookies, but you can change your settings so that cookies are rejected. However, the disadvantage of disabling cookies may be that the site does not function properly, since the purpose of a large part of the cookies used is to ensure the site’s functionality, e.g. that it remembers what you have added to the cart.

Direct marketing based on your consent: If you have given your express consent, we may use your personal data, such as name, e-mail address and phone number to send you newsletters and marketing material. In this connection, we may use information about your previous purchases to provide you with offers that we think may be of interest to you. If we contact you with such an offer, we clearly inform you that you can cancel similar contact in the future. If you have consented to direct marketing, you may also always withdraw this consent by contacting us via the contact details at the bottom of our privacy policy.

3. With whom do we share your information?
We collaborate with selected and trusted partners in order to serve you, including: electronic communications partners, storage of our site at an authorised server provider, IT providers, logistics partners, analysis and marketing services, accounting and auditing companies, and payment service providers.

Further, we only share your personal data with third parties if this is required by law, or if we have your explicit consent.

4. Where do we process your information?
Data protection is essential to us and we store your personal data on servers that are securely located within the EU/EEA with strict privacy obligations for the data operators that process your personal data. In exceptional cases, if we use subcontractors in the form of data operators outside the EU/EEA, we ensure that data processing is covered by the same protection as applicable in the EU/EEA, for example through a standard contract approved by the EU Commission or EU-US Privacy Shield.

5. When do we delete your personal data?
Your personal data is linked to your purchases and is usually deleted when it is no longer required in order to respond to your requests and to comply with current accounting laws, including documentation for the correct payment of taxes and VAT to the authorities. We remove or anonymise information about your purchased items after five years from the date of purchase, unless you have created an account under “My Account” and have chosen to save your purchase history there. Anonymisation means deletion of all identifying or potentially identifiable data from the data set that is processed.

Personal data that we process with your consent will be deleted if you revoke your consent.

6. Your rights
Upon request, you are entitled to access the personal data we store or otherwise process about you. You can also ask us to correct incorrect information about you or in some cases to completely delete your personal data. However, if there are significant reasons to continue storing the data, e.g. for documentation purposes in relation to the authorities, we cannot meet a request for deletion.

If you have given your consent to receive offers and promotional material from us, you can revoke this consent at any time. We make it easy for you to decline such offers every time you receive a mail from us. You can also revoke your consent by contacting us via the contact details at the bottom of our privacy policy.

According to the EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (BRP), you can request to receive your personal data in a structured and common format so that data can be easily transferred to you or another data controller of your choice, so called data portability.

Should you have any complaints about our processing of your personal data, we encourage you to contact us via the contact details at the bottom of our privacy policy. If you are still unsatisfied with the way we process your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with The Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman. For further information about your complaints, see the website of The Data Protection Ombudsman: https://tietosuoja.fi/en/contact-information.

7. Updates to our Privacy Policy
We can update our privacy policy on a continuous basis, due to e.g. changes in the site structure or functionality. If we alter our privacy policy, we will indicate the date when the personal data was last updated. In the event of material changes to our privacy policy or in connection with the use of your personal data, we will make this known in a visible manner or inform you directly.

8. Request regarding personal data and contact details
If you wish to delete, change, transfer, restrict or receive the personal data that we process about you, you can send a request via our contact form.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via our contact form

This privacy policy was last updated 02.10.2018