If I need support – how long must I wait before you respond to my request?

– You can call us on +45 70 55 55 86 Monday – Thursday 10-17, Friday 10-15 and Saturday 10-14. Our response time on the phone is short – and we are rarely too busy to answer your call right now, but in that case,  you can leave a message and we will call you as soon as possible or at the time you request.

How do you deliver, how long is the delivery time and how much does it cost?

– A major part of the applications that we sell are distributed via ESD – Electronic Software Distribution. This means that you purchase the software and then download it via the Internet in a matter of minutes. It’s fast, easy and cost effective, i.e. no shipping costs.

– It works like this; you receive an e-mail containing a product key that you must use when activating the software, a download link, a Finnish guide with simple step-by-step setup instructions.

– Some customers would rather receive the program as a traditional DVD solution instead of ESD. If you prefer this alternative, we will send you a physical package including a product key for use when activating the program as well as a Finnish guide with simple step-by-step setup instructions.

– Some software products, such as our Windows 7 operating system, except Windows Ultimate, can be delivered as a physical delivery with a DVD installation media and a COA label with your license key.

– Physical products are distributed by Posti Oy as packages with tracking information and acknowledgement of receipt to ensure the highest possible security for the package to arrive quickly, safely and easily.

– Delivery cost for all packages to Finland:

Weight up to 1 kg: € 6
Weight from i kg up to 5 kg: € 8
Weight from 5 kg up to 10 kg: € 10
Weight from 10 kg up to 20 kg: € 15

– Delivery time for physical products is 1-2 days, regardless of delivery method.

How about ESD? Is an old-fashioned cellophane packaged application package not better?

– We do not necessarily think so. The “old” software suites with CD/DVD and a product key are from a time when it was the only possible way to distribute the software to the customer. And for many people, it is a solution that still works well.

– But today, there are good alternatives. Internet connections are much faster, and there are now more efficient ways to do things. Today, you can download the software via websites such as PcMac.fi • PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup and then handle the installation yourself.

– The obvious advantage is that you do not have to go to the store, and you can download and install the software when it suits you around the clock, including weekends. It also saves money, because we and the software manufacturer save costs for packaging, transport, storage and handling.

– If you still prefer a traditional DVD solution, that is not a problem. If you choose this option, we will send a traditional physical package, the way you are used to.

Is it safe to shop at PcMac.fi?

– Yes, absolutely, we follow the guidelines of the association Dansk Internet commerce (FDIH) and the latest rules of the Consumer Rights Directive of 13-06-2014 about the webshops´ information requirements, right of cancellation and return. Payments are handled securely using e.g. Visa, MasterCard or by invoice.

– Any account information that you provide in connection with the purchase and use of credit card is sent in encrypted form (SSL) and this data will never be forwarded or used in any other context.

What if I need help with the installation and activation of the software?

– PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup is happy to provide free telephone support and to answer all questions regarding software installation and activation.

Is there any kind of guarantee when purchasing software from you?

– As a customer of PcMac.fi • PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup, you have the benefit of an installation and product activation warranty, which means that you have the right to cancel your purchase and return the software license if you have been unable to install and activate the software correctly within 30 days of receipt. Read more about our installation and product activation warranty here.

How about payment and shipping costs? Can I count on the price stated by the item?

– We charge no payment fees with PcMac.fi • PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup.

– Shipping charges are displayed and calculated instantly so that you can see the total price including delivery at the beginning of the payment process instead of at the end.

Will you save my product key or am I responsible for that myself?

– We strongly recommend that you make sure to print, record or store your product key in a safe place where it can easily be retrieved. During the year, we sell many software licenses and, unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for storing and saving all individual product keys forever. So therefore, you should save your product key, take good care of it and make sure that no unauthorised person can access it.

Can I retrieve my software if I need to reinstall it?

– At PcMac.fi • PC-MAC Servicecenter Hellerup you can download the same software several times at no additional cost. The installation files for all software that has been sold and is sold in the online store are on our server in the “cloud” from which they can be downloaded. Another option is to store the installer on external media, such as a DVD or other digital media, so that you’ll have easy access to it if you ever need to reinstall it. Instructions on how to burn a DVD with the installer are included with the installation instructions.

Credit cards accepted via PayPal – how does it work?

– You can pay by Visa or Mastercard . Payments are 100% free.

– Payments are made via PayPal, which is a simple and secure payment method used by millions of customers worldwide.

– Payments are made directly and are completely free of charge by credit card via PayPal – even if you do not have – or wish to have a PayPal account.